Posted by: SWL | January 27, 2012

Best & Worst of GOP Campaign in Florida Debate

My favorite moment so far in the GOP campaign came in the second Florida debate Thursday night. Rick Santorum took CNN’s Wolfe Blitzer to task for spending too much time asking questions about Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney’s attack advertising. Santorum said what I expect most Americans are thinking: yes, Newt has used his experience in Congress to earn a living and Mitt is a rich man – let’s move on to the issues.

Santorum’s criticism was more sincere than any of Gingrich’s complaints against the news media. Blitzer short-changed Santorum and Ron Paul by spending so much time on the other two candidates. Those two candidates are creating problems for whichever one of them becomes the GOP nominee. (Sorry, I just do not see Santorum or Paul winning enough delegates.) You can be sure President Obama’s campaign staff is taking notes on every ad, saving themselves a lot of work in the general election campaign.

The worst idea I have heard in the debates is Gingrich’s proposal to set up a colony on the moon. I am not against science – my daughter, my spouse and I all have degrees in the sciences. But science with little application to regular life is not worth the money when some of our citizens have no health insurance or jobs or homes. (Not to mention thousands starving in parts of Africa and those still recovering from the Haitian earthquake and Japanese tsunami.)

I agree with Romney that Gingrich seems to have some proposal tailored for each area where he campaigns. It is a shame that many talented, skilled people are out of work on Florida’s Space Coast. But I was glad to hear the other three candidates say they think going to the moon again is a bad idea.



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