Posted by: SWL | January 23, 2012

Giants Squeek By 49ers in Overtime

Although San Francisco Forty-Niner fans are disappointed their team’s season is over, the Niners finished in style. Sunday’s NCF Championship game was almost as exciting as San Francisco’s heart-stopping victory over the New Orleans Saints the week before.

Despite an early SF touchdown by Vernon Davis, the Giants had possession of the football for more time in the first half. But the 49ers looked good after halftime. Their third quarter touchdown was matched by New York in the fourth, then SF made a field goal to take the game into OT. I was getting pretty hopeful in overtime as the SF defense held off Eli Manning’s offense. The Niners fumble was a costly mistake; without it I think there might have been a second overtime.

Most of this year’s play-off games featured evenly matched teams. When one team totally routs the other, it makes for a boring game, even if my preferred team wins. So often the Super Bowl ends up that way (and ruins the Super Bowl party.) Hopefully that won’t happen this year. But I’m still not sure if I’ll watch. Having lived in the West for decades, it’s hard to get excited about an all-Northeastern contest.



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