Posted by: SWL | January 16, 2012

Packers Were MIA in Play-off Game Against Giants

After the Green Bay Packers’ dreadful performance in Sunday afternoon’s NFL play-off game, my depressed spouse and I went to the supermarket for milk. The store was pretty quiet. The few patrons, seeing my spouse’s Packers jacket, offered their sympathy.

At the checkout two young men waiting to ring up and bag purchases were looking at a tabloid magazine. The page they were reading had a picture of a creature from outer space. I thought, That’s it! The Packers were possessed by aliens!

What other explanation could there be for the team looking more preseason than play-offs? Those certainly weren’t the same players we had watched all season. My spouse didn’t like the alien theory and countered by saying that the defense had performed poorly all season but Aaron Rodgers’ offense had always been able to make up for it.

OK, so only the offense was possessed! In the second half Rodgers looked like a desperate young quarterback, not the confident, experienced QB I’m used to seeing. Throughout the game his passes missed their marks. Sometimes his aim was a little off. At least once Rodgers threw so hard the receiver couldn’t hold on to the ball. The receivers weren’t themselves either, frequently not in position when the football came their way. Of course, it wasn’t entirely the Packers fault – the Giants defense showed their skill by sacking Rodgers four times and causing three fumbles.

It was a sad evening at my house. The Packers’ loss does ensure marital peace next Sunday. I’ll just have to ignore my spouse’s sad sighs while I cheer on the Forty-Niners. At least we both want the Giants to lose – one of us for victory, the other for pay-back!



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