Posted by: SWL | January 14, 2012

49ers Prevail Over Saints in Heart-Stopping NFL Play-Off Game

Did you see the San Francisco-New Orleans play-off game this afternoon? For those who weren’t concerned which team won, it was as exciting a game as you could want. For fans of either team, like myself, it was – especially in the fourth quarter – punctuated with enough excitement to potentially cause a heart attack.

My 49ers are down by 3. They get the touchdown! Woo-hoo!!! They set up for the two-point conversion. Oh, no! Defenders blocking around the 2-yard line. Shoot! In the lead by 5, but there’s still 2 minutes left.

Drew Brees throws . . . No . . . no . . . Aw-w, caught it. Stop him! Uh-oh. (Feels like a rock in my gut) They’re going for two points. Block! Hey, that receiver is totally open . . . No! That‘s it; there‘s probably not enough time left for us to score again. (Depression)

Hey, Smith got them into field goal range. The announcers are talking overtime. Another play, probably to get toward the center of the field to make it easier for the kicker. Another play? Wow! Davis caught it! Hang on!!! Yes, touchdown!!! Wow, wow! (My heart is pounding.) All right, extra point too.

Why does Brees throw so low when it‘s his last chance? Oh, well. We won! What‘s the referee doing? San Francisco called a time out before the snap? What? We had it wrapped up. (Hold breath) Oh, gosh, look at the receiver throw it back to Brees. Is he still behind the line of scrimmage as he throws it again? Get the receiver!!! Yeah, great hit! All right. Now it’s over. (Exhale)

I have not been a big Alex Smith fan. He did poorly enough in the preseason that rookie Colin Kaepernick (record-setting QB from the University of Nevada, Reno) saw a lot of playing time. I hoped Kaepernick would get to start in the regular season, but Smith was Coach Harbaugh’s choice. Even with the winning season, I was not overly impressed with Smith, but today he proved his worth.

[In the likely event the Green Bay Packers win tomorrow afternoon, they’ll play the Niners on the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. There could be some stress at my house with my spouse solidly in the Packers’ camp. The two teams have only played every two years or so during my marriage and never with so much at stake.]



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