Posted by: SWL | January 9, 2012

Tim Tebow Shocks Steelers in Overtime

What an end to the Denver Broncos – Pittsburgh Steelers game Sunday afternoon!!!

On Mark Kriegel writes about an interesting connection between Tim Tebow’s game stats and one of Tebow’s favorite Bible verses, John 3:16. Check out “Any doubt as to Tebow’s lucky number?”

God does not care which team wins a game, unless it would serve some higher purpose. But could the Lord be trying to say something here about or through Tim Tebow?

Tebow seems like a great guy and, despite a recent short losing streak and a throw that looks like it shouldn’t complete a pass, he has been winning games since his days as a University of Florida Gator. Some sports reporters and a few so-called comedians who have been critical – even downright insulting – should leave the guy alone. Tebow’s arm might not look great, but his enthusiasm provides a spark that ignites the entire team. I hope the Broncos don’t end up playing my Forty-Niners or my spouses’ favorite Packers, because we’d have to cheer against Tebow – and somehow that just doesn’t seem right.



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