Posted by: SWL | November 1, 2011

Airline Group Fights Proposed Obama Air Taxes

The Air Transport Association has an interesting campaign to inform travelers about their opposition to the air travel taxes proposed by President Obama. (These include a “fee” of $100 for each airplane taking off and raising the TSA security tax incrementally over the next few years.) At Reagan Washington National Airport the group handed out air sickness bags imprinted with “Stop Air Tax” to passengers arriving to check-in for their flights. The campaign has generated around 100,000 letters to Congress.

It must be noted that the Air Transport Association is an airline industry lobbying group, so they are looking out for their own interests. But in this case, their interest in keeping people buying tickets intersects with passengers interests in keeping fares low so they can continue to fly.

I encourage you to read my thoughts on this issue, check out and then express your opinion to your Congressman and Senators.

(Check out TSA news at for an interesting look at what our security fee is currently funding.)



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