Posted by: SWL | August 19, 2011

Congress & President Take Vacations From Economic Problems

About 50 million Americans are currently on unplanned vacations. Unfortunately they do not have money in their budgets to get a massage, buy a new swim suit, play a round of golf, rent a car, or buy a ticket on a tour bus. They are America’s unemployed.

In the meantime, our Representatives and Senators are on a 5-week paid summer vacation. The average American income – for those who actually have a job – is $45,835. Most full-time workers get a week or two of vacation. Members of Congress receive a salary of $174,000, and work only three weeks per month. I know they visit with constituents during Congressional breaks, but certainly not full-time.

And now President Obama is off to Martha’s Vineyard for a 10-day vacation. I do not begrudge the President a vacation; we all need one from time to time. But if I want to take vacation time now and my employer has crucial projects that need to be done, my vacation has to wait for a later time. If I went on vacation anyway, I’d likely not have a job when I returned.

We, the taxpayers, are the employers of Congress and the President. They need to listen to Americans, who are saying they need to get to work on our crucial economic problems. They should all get back to Washington next week and schedule vacations for some other time.

Too bad we can’t fire them immediately if they refuse.

Congressional recesses in 2011:
* 1 week off each month, January – April
* House only takes 1 week off in May
* 1 week off in June
* July – Senate takes 1 week off, House takes 2
* 5 weeks off before Labor Day
* 1 week off in September
* October – Senate takes 2 weeks off, House takes one
* House only takes 2 weeks off in November
* off last 3 weeks of December



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