Posted by: SWL | July 28, 2011

“Extremist” Congressmen Want to Reduce Deficit

Members of Congress who agree with Tea Party ideals have been called extremist by the Democrats throughout the struggle over details of raising the debt ceiling. New York Senator Chuck Schumer even said they “do not represent Americans”. Most of these Tea Party extremists are in the House of Representatives. They would not have been elected if they did not represent the values of the majority of citizens in their districts. Senator Schumer owes them an apology.

It is not extreme to expect our Congressional representatives to be responsible with our tax dollars. It is not their money to do with as they please. For example, what wisdom is there in the government paying subsidies to tobacco growers, and also paying for anti-smoking advertisements? Unfortunately the federal budget is full of examples like that. With a debt of $14 trillion, it is time to quit funding contradictory, wasteful and redundant programs. If that is an extremist position, I’ll wear the label proudly!



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