Posted by: SWL | July 27, 2011

Calls & E-mails on Debt Ceiling Plans Inundate Capitol

12:58 am PDT

Just about 24 hours ago I was able to get access to the Senate e-mail system and send messages to my senators, Harry Reid and Dean Heller. I also sent a message to President Obama, asking him to follow his own advise and seek a compromise on raising the debt ceiling.

Then I checked the visitor statistics for this blog and was amazed to see that in the 5 hours since the previous post about problems contacting Congress was written, it had been viewed by 33 people. But only one person had gone to the “Contact Congress” page.* Hopefully the other readers were going to contact their Congressional representatives through other means. A multitude of Americans tried to get through to Washington yesterday. There were reports all day of busy signals or long waits on hold for those who called their Congressperson. I also heard that the Congressional and White House e-mail systems were offline at various times.

If you haven’t yet made your views known on the debt ceiling issue, there’s still time. Because the Congressional Budget Office evaluation of the House plan yielded less savings than thought, that plan is being revised and will be up for a vote on Thursday. Senator Reid (whose plan does not add up as presented either) won’t take a vote in the Senate on his plan until after the House plan vote.

So get your thoughts together and call or e-mail. Given yesterday’s difficulties getting through to the Capitol, it may be best to send an e-mail late at night as I did. (It wasn’t a stroke of genius, just a tendency to be a night-owl.) Besides a greater chance of the system being online, your message will be one of the first read by the staff in the morning.

* In the past 29 hours, the post “Obama Urges Us to Contact Congress but Senate E-mail Down” has been viewed a total of 48 times, the “Contact Congress” page a total of 7 times.



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