Posted by: SWL | July 25, 2011

Obama Urges Us to Contact Congress but Senate E-mail Down

6:59 pm PDT

In his speech a short time ago, President Obama urged Americans to contact their legislators concerning the debt ceiling proposals.

So I tried to contact Senators Harry Reid and Dean Heller.  I tried going to through the Contact Congress tab on this blog.  I can bring up House contact information, but not Senate.  (Right now that does me  no good, since I currently have no representative.   Representative Dean Heller was appointed to fill the Senate seat vacated by John Ensign.)

I tried to reach the Senate contact pages through other political sites,  but apparently it is a problem with the Senate section of the government internet network.  I hope it’s just an odd coincidence. 

If you have been similarly frustrated, keep trying tonight and tomorrow morning if necessary.  It is important that our elected officials hear from the people who put them into office.  I would suggest that you compose your message in a word processing program and save it as a rich text (rtf) file.  Then you can just copy and paste when you finally get access to your senators’ contact pages.



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