Posted by: SWL | July 17, 2011

Is Washington Capable of Progress?

I’ve been away from the keyboard for three weeks. My spouse and I attended our daughter’s wedding, then took some vacation time to recover from the stress! I packed my netbook, hoping to have time for some writing. But between activities and repeated failure to connect to the wireless internet at our bed and breakfast, it never happened. We were too tired to worry about reading a newspaper or watching the news, so I thought I would become hopelessly out of touch with the news out of Washington, DC.

But, surprise! Little had changed while I had been blissfully ignoring our national problems. The US media is still obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial (even though it’s over), several Middle Eastern governments are still fighting against freedom seekers, Europe is still talking about more money to save Greece, and in our capitol there is still no plan to deal with our nation’s deficit or hitting our credit limit. What’s everyone been doing for the past three weeks?

Wanting to be informed and accurate in my writing, I normally watch 4-6 news shows each day – national and local, cable and broadcast networks. This experience has reminded me that I’m more dedicated to following progress in Washington than most of Congress is in creating that progress.



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