Posted by: SWL | June 17, 2011

War Powers Act

President Obama needs to get Congressional authorization for further involvement with NATO’s campaign against Libya’s government. Arguing that the War Powers Act does not apply because this is a multinational action is just an exercise in semantics.

The Obama administration put together the coalition that is bombing Libyan government forces and consulting with the “rebels”. Other NATO countries would not likely have taken this action without the US.

MSNBC reported that this military action will cost us about $1 BILLION for just three months. The amount of taxpayer money alone should require the president to consult Congress. We have three branches of government to provide checks and balances. Congress is the branch that authorizes spending, not the executive branch. Whether the US gets involved in another country’s civil war is not a decision a small group of advisors should make without the approval of the American people through their Congressional representatives.



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