Posted by: SWL | April 28, 2011

Representative Heller to Replace Senator Ensign

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has named Representative Dean Heller to replace Senator John Ensign, who will resign on May 3. This is not a surprise here in Nevada. Rep. Heller had already announced his intention to run for that senate seat next year. To date he was the only Republican to do so.

There were plenty of groups suggesting alternative names to Gov. Sandoval. But he made the most obvious choice. And it was likely the best choice for Republicans in Congress. It’s possible that Republicans could now lose the House seat; there are currently many announced and likely candidates in both parties. But that would be less damaging to Republicans than to lose the Senate seat.

Heller is a solid choice. He has been more accessible to his constituents than Senators Ensign and Reid have ever been. He is able to give a logical Nevada connection for votes on national issues. And he is fiscally conservative, which is good for both Nevada and the country.

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