Posted by: SWL | February 28, 2011

Will We Have a Federal Budget by March 4?

This blog is starting out fair and even-handed – I’m frustrated with both the Republicans and Democrats right now. The continuing resolution that has been funding the federal government will expire on March 4. So what did Congress do? To commemorate Presidents’ Day they took all of last week off! One of Nevada’s Congressional delegation wrote to me that last week was a regularly scheduled district visitation week. With so little time to deal with such a serious issue, they could have agreed to postpone their district visits until the budget is dealt with.

This is outrageous. Congress now has only 4 days left to debate, finalize the bill and read the final draft, plus one day to vote. That ensures that many Senators and Representatives will not have time to actually read the entire bill. Citizens won’t have enough time to read the bill and communicate their opinions to their Congressional representatives before the vote, even if it’s posted on the Internet. We will end up with another piece of legislation containing special interest items that remain virtually unknown until long after the bill is signed by the president.

On yesterday’s news I heard speculation that Congress will pass a 2-week extension of the continuing resolution. How long will they put off dealing with necessary budget cuts?

Are you upset that Congress has used continuing resolutions to fund our government for five years? Does it bother you that Congress is out of Washington again with the challenges of current budget, national debt, gas prices going up daily and unemployment to deal with? I e-mailed my Representative and two Senators last week and told them (nicely but firmly) to get back to work. I hope you will do the same. On the “Contact Information” page, there are links where you can find the addresses and telephone numbers of your Congressperson and Senators.